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Welcome to Nut Geeks!
Your nutty adventure awaits

Nuts are way more than just a snack (though that crunch is awesome). Did you know some were once so fancy, they were traded like gold? We can’t get enough of nuts and want to share all our nutty knowledge with you! Here’s a taste of what you’ll find at Nut Geeks:

Nuts falling from a bowl

Nutty Nuggets

Did you know cashews grow on apples? Or that peanuts are actually legumes? You will find a ton of fun facts that will make you the star of your next snacking session.

The Nut Know-How

Storing, roasting, chopping! We’ll show you how to get the most out of your nuts in the kitchen. No more stale cashews or burnt almonds!


Forget the grocery aisle – let’s go to the source! We’ll explore California almond groves, Southeast Asian cashew farms, and way beyond. Get to know the farmers, the traditions, and how these little powerhouses make their way to your plate.

And there’s always more to discover!

So, get ready to crack open a world of flavor. Let’s go nuts, together!

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