We Are Nut Geeks

The story of every nut is the story of nature’s bounty.

Come along with us on a journey of cracking the case of the origins,
flavors, and cultural importance of the world’s nut varieties.

Why Nuts?

We’re nerdy for nuts. It’s the crunch, the texture, the robust aroma, and the thousands of recipes that turn a simple “tree fruit” into a savory sensation. It’s also the stories behind how nuts came to be pivotal parts of cultures and economies that leave us fascinated. From California almond groves to cashew farms of Southeast Asia, we want to explore the way that rounded, oval, and crescent-shaped nuts have shaped our world. Yes, we’re Nut Geeks.

Nut Appreciation Is Food Awareness

Where does our food grow? Who cultivates the things we eat? How does our relationship to the planet tie into our food supply chains? These are all the bigger questions that we ultimately touch on as we explore the simple, everyday nut. Of course, the seemingly simple nuts that we all buy at the grocery store actually represent deep cultural, agricultural, and economic trends. While a nut may be “just a snack” to you, it is the lifeblood for millions around the world who make their livings in the nut industry.

Nuts on the background

What We Cover: Come on a Journey With Us

We want to explore where nuts come from. At times, this may cause us to look deeply at the ways that nuts are cultivated using human labor in various parts of the world. At other times, we may simply appreciate the goodness and tastiness of nuts by exploring creative recipe ideas that include nuts. Being a Nut Geek means pursuing a fascination with every aspect of nuts.

No nut-related topic is off the table here at Nut Geeks. As you’ll see, our topics range from the academic to the curious. Some of the topics we explore with our readers include:

Nuts in bags and baskets
  • Facts about nuts.
  • Recipes that use nuts.
  • Kitchen and storage tips for nut enjoyment.
  • Information on which nuts pets can safely eat.
  • The agricultural aspects of nut production.
  • How nuts are harvested and processed.
  • Which parts of the world produce which types of nuts.
  • The historical significance of different types of nuts.
  • The geographical origins of various nuts.

Of course, our policy on topics isn’t strictly “nuts.” We recognize that many of the most popular nuts aren’t technically nuts at all. That’s why Nut Geeks always gives equal time to almonds, pecans, and other beloved drupes.

Meet the Team: The Nuts of Nut Geeks

Our ever-growing body of nut research, tips, and interesting stories offers a little something for everyone who has ever felt nuts about nuts! Our team members come from different backgrounds with different areas of professional expertise. However, we are all unified by our appreciation for the nut.

Several of us are amateur nut growers eager to share the best and brightest tips for enjoying backyard nut harvesting. One of our contributors was actually raised on a nut farm. We all consider ourselves to be lifelong learners on the topic of nuts because it would take a lifetime to absorb the centuries of history behind each nut species.

James Schaefer

James Schaefer was born in Sacramento, California. Raised in close contact with almonds, one of the biggest industries in his hometown, he worked in the almond industry before founding Nut Geeks, in 2022.

Even though he grew so close to the almond industry, he loves all kinds of nuts. As our resident editor, he enjoys creating and perfecting content for the site.

When he’s not working, he’s hiking or playing with his rescue dog, Hazel.

Jennifer Corwin

Jennifer Corwin is a Nut Geek from Portland, Maine. She grew up in a house of nutritionists and was introduced to nuts at a very early age.

“There’s no one better than an expert mommy and daddy to show you the wonderful world of nuts”.

As our main researcher and fact-checker, Jennifer follows all the latest research about nuts. She is also passionate about writing. Whenever she has an opportunity, she loves to write a new blog post to help people understand the health benefits of nut consumption.

In her spare time, Jennifer dedicates time to other passions: family, friends, cinema, and books. She’s also extremely organized. She wouldn’t be able to do all of these things otherwise.

Samuel Denton

Samuel Denton is a history buff who was born and raised in New York. Samuel has always been fascinated by the different symbolism that nuts hold in different cultures. After studying history in college, he became obsessed with investigating the origins of each type of nut.

Currently living in the suburbs of New York, Samuel is really proud of his small orchard, where you can find some nut trees.

When he’s not researching and writing, he’s most likely taking care of his orchard and garden with his kids.

Catherine Whelan

Catherine Whelan is a food blogger from Dallas, Texas. She grew up in close contact with her mother and grandmother’s cooking. She always knew her future would be connected to food.

In her early adult life, she found her true passion; experimenting and creating new dishes. Luckily for us, nuts are one of her main ingredients. We love having her here at Nut Geeks, especially when she asks us to be the judges of her new delicious recipes with nuts.

In her spare time, Catherine loves to cook for her family and also enjoys a good book. She says reading every day stimulates her brain, which has a noticeable impact on her work. It keeps her creative side sharp when coming up with new recipes. We won’t argue with that, Catherine.

Why We Take Nuts Seriously: Our Commitment to Integrity

We don’t see remaining honest in all that we do as a tough nut to crack. Integrity is what we operate by here at Nut Geek. Our biggest priority is to provide our readers and followers with accurate information that enriches their lives. We want to be your knowledge source for the latest information on nuts of all varieties.

While some of us have been growing and cultivating nuts our whole lives, we still defer to the latest research and news when sharing tips, information, and resources regarding everything from backyard growing hacks to the geopolitical implications of nut production.

Be “Nuts” With US