10 Original Ways to Eat Almond Butter

Pieces of apple with almond butter

Who says you have to eat almond butter straight from the jar? With its amazing texture and rich taste, almond butter was made to be layered over crunchy, sweet, salty, and soft surfaces! 

Almond butter takes on different qualities depending on which type of food you pair it with. Need proof? Picture how almond butter folds into a bowl of rich, creamy ice cream to create fudge-like ribbons. Next, picture how it makes a wall of thick deliciousness when spread over a slice of bread.

These savory scenarios are really only the beginning! Take a look at ten more delicious ways to eat almond butter. 

1. Eat It With Toast

Almond butter makes toast more filling than jelly or butter. What’s more, it creates the perfect canvas for adding fruits. When you spread it over toast with banana slices, strawberries, or raspberries, it creates a complete breakfast in a pinch! It also tastes great on waffles, English muffins, bagels, and other baked goods.

2. Put It on Apple

Dipping apple slices in almond butter helps you get in that “apple a day” without feeling unsatisfied! It adds some much-needed protein and fat to apples. The water of the apple helps to balance out the dryness of almonds!

3. Bake With It

Almond butter doesn’t get the credit it deserves as a baking essential. We’ve all heard of peanut butter cookies. However, few have delved into the world of almond butter cookies.

While some people prefer to substitute it for peanut butter in their favorite cookie recipes, others take advantage of the weightiness of almond butter to make flourless cookies! In fact, there are tons of recipes for three-ingredient gluten-free cookies out there that require nothing more than almond butter, sugar, and eggs!

And let’s not forget about fudge. A popular dessert called almond butter “freezer fudge” is a dairy-free fudge that uses just almond butter, coconut oil, raw honey, and sea salt.

4. Use It as a Base for a Tahini Sauce Recipe

Traditional tahini sauce is made by grinding sesame seeds into a paste. The consistency of almond butter makes it a natural choice when looking for a substitute for sesame tahini.
You can even consider grinding your own almonds to make the butter that is used as a tahini sauce to get better control over the consistency.

5. Make a Thick, Creamy Almond Butter Balsamic Dressing

Almond butter creates an exceptional base for a creamy dressing! Adding it to balsamic vinegar, pure maple syrup, minced garlic, salt, and pepper in a food processor is enough to create a restaurant-quality dressing. There are plenty of almond butter recipes that allow you to get the right flavor!

6. Dip Your Vegetables in Almond Butter

Do you ever get tired of hummus? Almond butter can provide a more filling “dip” option. While it works best as a dip with carrots and celery, you can also use some wheat crackers.

7. Swirl Your Almond Butter in Your Hot Cereal

 Do you love hot oats or cream of wheat in the morning? Perhaps you would like to make these favorites slightly more filling. Almond butter can add protein, nutrients, and healthy fats to hot breakfast cereals. It’s also a great way to naturally sweeten oatmeal without adding sugar.

8. Put It in a Smoothie

A smoothie is a tasty, filling treat that can give you a burst of sustained energy in the middle of a busy afternoon. Almond butter helps to thicken smoothies while providing natural protein.

To prepare a smoothie, you just need to combine almond butter with a frozen banana, frozen strawberries, yogurt, honey, and a bit of almond milk in your blender.

There are plenty of recipes for almond butter smoothies designed to help you get the right amounts of protein, fat, and calories for a meal replacement.

9. Make a Bisque With Almond Butter

Almond butter is commonly used to add thickness and flavor to bisques! And it is incredibly flavorful in butternut squash bisque. There’s simply nothing better than the aroma that fills your kitchen when you have bisque with almond butter simmering on the stove.

10. Make Frozen Bananas With Almond Butter

Bananas are one of the best foods to eat with almond butter. You can choose to make frozen bites, frozen strips, or whole frozen bananas. Simply spread almond butter over bananas before sprinkling some healthy chia seeds on top. You can even pour drizzled melted chocolate over your almond butter bananas before popping them in the freezer for four to six hours.


There you have it. If you didn’t know how to eat almond butter and were looking for inspiration, I hope this list helps. Go ahead and give it a try; I am sure you will like several of these suggestions.

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