What Can I Do With All the Acorns in My Yard?

Acorn season has arrived, and you’ll see many of these little guys on your property. They can rapidly become a problem. They get stuck in your lawnmower, make a mess in your driveway, and can even be a hazard to children and pets if swallowed. 

If you’ve got a ton of excess acorns lying around, you should probably find a way to put them to good use. In this article, I’ll go over a few different ideas for disposing of excess acorns and using them yourself.

I’ve tried most of these ideas myself, and I’m sure at least one of them will be helpful to you!

Ideas for Getting Rid of Acorns

Let’s start with ideas to get rid of acorns. And I’m not going to explain how to throw them in the trash because that’s quite obvious, and this article aims to show you original ways to get rid of them. 

It turns out there are a few things you can do:

Place an online ad

You can use the several available online platforms to sell your acorns. People use them for all kinds of things.

For example, people buy them on Etsy and eBay for crafts. Acorns are used in many crafts, such as figures, candles, jewelry, and other ornaments. Christmas is probably the season when there is more demand. And it’s easy to understand why: acorns are a popular decoration on Christmas trees.

Pro tip: When it comes to crafts, your acorns will be more valuable if they still have the cap.

Facebook and OLX are also great for targeting buyers in your area. Farmers and hunters are always interested in acorns.

Give them a pig farmer

If you know someone that owns a farm with some pigs, your problem may be solved: hogs love them. You never know; someone may even be willing to pick those acorns and save you the trouble. It would be a perfect win-win.

Leave acorns in the woods for wild animals (In a responsible manner)

You can also dump acorns in the country, where you know there are animals such as deer. They will take care of the acorns for you. But please be responsible. Do not mix anything with the acorns. You’d be putting the animals at risk and also polluting the environment. 

If you opt for this solution, you should first know your local laws regarding feeding wildlife. It’s also a good idea to read an article with best practices for feeding wild animals in the winter.

Ideas to Use Excessive Acorns

You don’t necessarily have to dispose of the acorns. You’d be surprised by the number of things you can do with acorns. Some of those uses are actually good for your body; and wallet! Here are a few ways you can take advantage of excessive acorns:

Make acorn flour

One practical way of turning the problem of too many acorns into an advantage is to grind them into flour. Many people make acorn flour and store it, as it lasts a long time. You may not buy flour in the shop ever again. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make acorn flour.

Make acorn coffee

Did you know that acorn coffee has a rich history? On top of that, it’s an excellent substitute for regular coffee. If you want to try it, here are the steps to make a great acorn coffee. Maybe you’ll love it, and your oak trees will become your coffee suppliers. 

Make acorn Soup

Soup is such a typical dish, present in almost every family home. So, why not make acorn soup during fall?! This soup is delicious and full of nutrients. It’s perfect for cold days and nights.

Bake with acorns

There are so many original ways to bake with acorns and give your family a different and tasty dessert. You can make acorn cookies, pies, cake, pancakes, etc.

Use them as decoration

Acorns are cute and colorful, so why not decorate your house? They look great on top of your Christmas tree or even on your mantelpiece.

Older kids may need them for school projects

If you have children or grandchildren who already go to school, ask them before throwing your acorns away. They usually have school projects where acorns can be helpful, especially crafts-related ones.

However, remember that keeping acorns inside the house may be a choking hazard for small children.


You don’t necessarily have to throw your acorns away. You can do plenty of things with acorns, both disposing of them and using them in your house.

If you were looking for ideas, I hope you found some inspiration in our post.